Naturalization is a God-given training method to move,run, and dance naturally and freely.



Jun Matsumoto


Born in Japan in1976.

Stuied Sports Medicine in Eastern Washinghton Univ. in the U.S.

Studied Oriental Medicine in Meiji Univ. of Oriental Medicine in Japan.

Certified therapist of Oriental Medicine.

CEO of Jun Matsumoto`s Natural therapy office.

Head coach of MJ Athelete Academy.

Inventor of Naturalization and Dynamic Arch Therapy.

Lover of roses, mountains, barefoot running.


With a philosophy, humans can move and live like wild animals, Jun has invented Naturalization.

Jun teaches Naturalization to junior atheletes, professional athletes, dancers, and also therapists.


Jun Matsumoto Official Site(Blog in English)


IwakuraOsagi-cho 519 Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Japan
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